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Best way to show utilization by user per week?


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So I'm trying to view utilization (basically logged hours vs planned hours) per user per week. These users are assigned across all our portfolios, group by a common team. Each path I've taken I've run into a hiccup.

For resource planner - trying to look backwards has always been a challenge for me in resource planner since I have to open up quite a bit of filtering and it leads to TONS of projects/tasks that closed a long time ago showing up in the list. Also, WF has told me to not use resource planner to go backwards, so I think it's a bit of a round hole/square peg when trying to use it.

For reports - I can figure out how to view the logged hours pretty easily, but I can't quite figure out how to bring in planned hours per week. I end up bringing in the set of planned hours to the entire duration of the task/issue, and that's not quite what I want.

Utilization Report - this seems to get me pretty close, but I can't get a per user view when using it from the Resource Management screen (only from the project screens).

Does anyone have any advice on any of the above three approaches (or one that I haven't tried yet)?


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I'm struggling with a similar problem...the Workload Balancer actually shows what I want (planned hours by user by day) within the filters I've set up, but it's not exportable, and I can't find a way to build a report that mirrors that view.


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Not sure if this would help, but I created a dashboard that links to our filtered Workload Balancer, then shared that dashboard outside our team so they could see & consider our workload when creating project timelines. Not the same as emailing an scheduled/exported report, but it helped us with sharing out that info. :)