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Alter task or workload balancer formula based on task profile?


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I've noticed that we often have tasks and requests require more effort upfront or towards the end of the duration. I've been using the workload balancer, and while it's a great tool, it seems to be using a flat averaging approach over the entire duration.


Is anyone else finding this to be the case? I'm wondering if there's a way we can adjust the easily algorithm so that the workload balancer can provide a more accurate representation of the effort needed without having to break everything down into a bunch of subtasks.


Your insights and suggestions on this matter would be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance for your input!

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Hi David, you are correct that on default this will distribute the planned hours equally across the task's duration. There are cases where you can modify this manually. Here are some snippets from this article on planned hours:




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There is an option move the hours around to the days you are actually working on the task. In Balancer, select the elipsis icon to the right of the task and select Edit Allocations.

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 1.39.29 pm.jpg

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Randy, thank you! That helps.


I forgot where that was hidden.   I've been frustrated with it often times since you have to enter a value for each day, then do the math on your own to balance out the hours.SD SG.png 


I would love some magic slider or easy shifter to automatically shift the weight of certain tasks, or apply a universal value once you have it dialed in so that all of a certain task type gets a saved task balancing profile. Part of our challenge is that we use some longer durations (90-120 days). We know the person may only be working on the task 1-2 hours per week for the first month or so, but then as the task becomes due, the workload increases.