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Additional Approval of a Project Request


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Hi this is the first time I've raised a question on here! We have a Request Queue set up for people to request a new project. This is then approved and a project is created by the PMO Team. I have been asked if it is possible to direct the request or the draft request to the Sponsor for edit and approval prior to it going to the PMO team for approval and project creation. Is this possible? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the Workfront community! Yes, this is possible. If you already have a default approval process set up against your request queue, it will be added to all new requests raised under that queue. Assuming that the project sponsor is not always the same, you would need to update the approval process on each individual request to add the sponsor as an approver.

Or if the sponsor is always the same person you could update the approval process template so that the sponsor is automatically added as an approver to all new project requests.

Does that make sense and answer your question?

Best Regards,



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Hi Sarah,

Yes, we have various approvals that route a new request to an intermediary person for review/edits before sending it along to our project management team who converts it to a project.

There's some info on approval processes here: https://one.workfront.com/s/document-item?bundleId=workfront-classic&topicId=Content%2FAdministratio...

There are some nuances between using separate Paths on your approval vs. using 1 path with multiple Stages.

With Paths, you'll need a different status to start each path and reviewers need to change the status to send it on to the next approver.

But with Stages, when an approver clicks "approve" it goes right to the next stage and they won't have access to make edits since it's still "pending approval" with the next approver. If they click "reject," they'll have access to make edits, but when they change the status to sent it along it's approval route it will start at the beginning of that path again and need to be approved before moving on to the next approver.