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Adding current milestone to a report


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I'm trying to figure out a way to show the current milestone a project is working on in a project report or program view. I know that is not necessarily how a milestone works, but I'm trying to figure out how to make it function in such a way. In a waterfall project, you would think there is a particular order in which they are completed based on the order of tasks they are associated with. We are planning on associating milestones with parent tasks of the same name, in a particular order. So I'm trying to use lists to create this functionality. The issue I'm running into is that once there is too much logic added to an expression, it just breaks. I'd get around it in the past by grouping multiple lists together, but I need them to vary in visibility. The basis of my logic is this:


valueexpression=IF({name}="Insert Task Name",IF({percentComplete}<100,CONCAT({name}," - ",{percentComplete},"%"),""),"")


What I need is to be able to walk down a logic path where it checks if the first task is complete, if it isn't, show it, if it is, check the next one


If there is already built in functionality or some way easier to do this, I'd appreciate the help!

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Hi Matthew,


Are you tied to a project report, or can you have a task report (with some project info pulled in)?

If it's the latter, you might be able to filter your task report to show tasks where: (1) Percent complete is less than 100; (2) Can start is True; and (3) Number of children is 0.


You could then have a column to show the milestone of the parent task (in our workflows, some milestones are assigned to parent tasks, while others are assigned to individual tasks, so I added a conditional to account for both options):

displayname=Milestone Stage



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@MATTHEW450 It sounds like you aren't using milestones just yet, so does your organization use predecessors? If that is the case, and each task has a predecessor associated and follows a waterfall approach where Task 2 can't start until Task 1 is completed, then you can surface the next task in line using a text mode collection column on a project report. This asks the system, if the task can start (predecessor has been completed) and the percent complete is not equal to 100, display the task name. 

displayname=Next Task

If you aren't using predecessors, let me know!