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3rd Party/Freelance License for Proofing


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Is there a way to set up an outside agency with access to Proofing so they can use it to submit art files to our mutual client for review and approval? I work for a printer and one of my clients uses a different company to develop their creative assets, then they are delivered to my business for printing. My client would like their agency to use my instance of Workfront Proofing to send files to them. This way I also have earlier visibility into what's being developed, what the status of the artwork is, etc.


Is this possible to set up?

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Hi Rebecca! This is 100% possible. First, you'll need to make sure you add the agency's IP range to your IP Allowlist in System>Customer Info>IP Allowlist. Then add their users.


Also, I would set up a separate restricted access level and team just for their users that only allows them to load the proofs and prevents them from roaming around your instance. We do this very regularly. If you need pointers, let me know!

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