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My marketing org is looking at WF as our global OAR. Currently, only our IHA uses WF. Would anyone be willing to share how they have mapped out a campaign process from end to end? Or are their articles or blogs about this subject?


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Hi Lila,

This is a great question. I know that we have lots of people who use Workfront in marketing, so I'll tag a few to see if they have anything to share about managing the campaign process in Workfront...

If I tagged you it's because I've seen you post great questions or comments about marketing processes in the past!

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I recommend Portfolio Management overview for reference. This process is exceptional for campaign planning if you plan far enough in advance and if your users will be familiar/comfortable with Workfront portfolio management.

Otherwise, we have done a modified version of this where we built in our campaign brief into a request form. You can then export the request form and upload into proof for the project review process.

For object hierarchy, the Program = Campaign Name, Project = Deliverable Projects related to campaign.

We also leverage calendaring so that all of marketing can see when deliverables are in market.

There were a few Adobe Summit sessions on Workfront for marketing campaigns that would be good to reference, too.


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I think it varies depending on your needs and type of marketing. Our internal agency handles everything from social media to direct mail to video production and the process varies for each. For example, our UX/UI development campaign is significantly more robust than our social media campaigns.

There's also need/use - we use it for tracking progress and resources but do not utilize the budgeting tools, etc.

I would ask how you currently build and track campaigns outside of Workfront? Might give me a better idea for a starting point.

Good luck!!


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Hi Lila,

My agency is still in the process of building this out in more detail, currently, it's still pretty basic.

  • The most important part is understanding the approach of your teams and how they start, plan, execute and manage campaigns.
  • Hierarchy
    • At our agency: The hierarchy is as follows - Portfolio (Clients) > Program (SOWs/Contracts) > Projects (individual timeline deliverables within a program). We decided to have multiple timelines as there different deliverables.
    • At sister agency: The hierarchy is Portfolio (Clients) > Projects (because they work on a large number of campaigns per month).

  • Start / Intake:
    • At our agency: Campaign information is the last step of an execution of a program. We have a program brief and a separate campaign timeline.
    • At sister agency: Because the campaigns are the projects, they have an intake form where someone sends the new project "request" to the person responsible for executing and manageing. Example request form: https://prnt.sc/12rfnfb

  • Plan / Execute:
    • At our agency: We execute on a project timeline which lists out a number of tasks of executing on email, banner and programmatic campaigns. Example timeline template: https://prnt.sc/12rfy62
    • At sister agency: The request form is translated into a project timeline per above. The only difference is that the request is saved in "Project Details" so the user can always go back and reference the details.

  • Plan / Execute:
    • This is something that both teams are working on. We have goals, and a lot of data that needs to be tracked. For now, we are still using Excel to track. The goal is to eventually work with WF to create a dashboard to update and review all of these numbers.

I hope that helps. Thank you!


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Hi Lila,

Workfront is so customizable that the first step is to determine how you define "campaign".  We define a campaign as a Portfolio in Workfront.  Each project is an initiative under that campaign.  We also plan dependent projects that flow from major projects.  All projects roll up to larger "campaigns" aka Portfolios in Workfront for reporting.


Each campaign has campaign briefs.  Each major project has project briefs.  All briefs go through review and approval in Workfront.