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Workload Balancer - include issues/requests in Unassigned Work


Level 4


We have a lot of teams that don't convert all of their issues to projects, so it's difficult for them to see what work is unassigned as issues are not included in this part of the Workload Balancer. This does not allow for the resource manager to consider the team's availability on the same page that they are assigning the issues.



Level 1


We agree with the need to show unassigned Issues in Workload Balancer so that teams can see who might have capacity to be assigned the issue. We manage and end user help and support queue in Workfront. Our end users submit a help and support request (issue) and that issue is assigned to the Team Placeholder. Each issue does have an SLA and Number of Work Hours associated. If that issue could then be visible on the balancer, one could see how many issues are unassigned and who might have capacity to work that issue. 


Level 3


This was something I was looking for in the Workload Balancer as well.  I believe if you find the project/request queue that the issue is logged under in the 'unassigned work' area, you can then use the workload balancer to assign those individual issues.  It's a little counter-intuitive, you would think that anything unassigned would just show up in the unassigned area, but for some reason it's project focused, so you have to start there.