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View resource scheduling data by week and/or month


Level 9


It would be great if we could "zoom out" the resource scheduling view to see the data by week and month.

Resource scheduling by day is too granular for our PMs. Feedback from our users is that it is daunting and too much work to schedule by day. Our organization is not managing people's time down to the day. Individuals manage their own time and will plan their week based on priorities. Showing data weekly or monthly is directionally correct and help for planning.

Another use case is when we share this view with Sr. Leaders, showing over allocation for a single day is not a good use of their time. They care more about the upcoming weeks and months.



Level 9


Sara, we're using the Resource Planning tool for this for the same reasons you outlined in your idea description. However, we're not able to see unassigned hours by project or job role like you can in the Scheduling tool. I added an idea last week around this. If you think it's helpful for your case please up vote!



Level 2


Agreed Sara! We would like to be able to zoom out to 3 or 6 months to be able to get a better picture of what resources time looks like in the longer term.




Hi everyone,

As we have announced the deprecation of Resource Scheduling, we have added those capabilities to Workload Balancer solution. Find more about that here: Link