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Update Send Report timing to use the recipient's schedule instead of default


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Description - When sending a report in Workfront you can select recipients as well as the frequency and when the report will send. Ideally I would want something to send every Monday morning at 8am. However 8am in New York is 1pm in London and 8pm in China. Instead I would want to set this up to send relative to the recipient so all three locations would receive at 8am local time instead of 8am default schedule (New York) time.


Why is this feature important to you - This would create consistency in communications throughout my global instance. Emails sent on a Friday morning that arrive on Saturday for Australia and Asia will be overlooked and buried by the time they start working on Monday. Also it will be late if they wait until Monday if it is something to be done by end of week.


How would you like the feature to work - I would love an additional button that says "send at user's local time" that can be toggled on or off. This way the sender has the option to either have the report sent to everyone at the exact same instance or sent to everyone at the same time relative to their schedule.


Current Behaviour - Reports are sent to the full recipient list at the same exact time based on the default schedule in the system



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We have 2 fairly large groups in our instance who are in very different time zones than our default time zone. This would be very helpful to them in setting up reports to send to their own users.


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How WF deals with timezones is very problematic. Some things should be by user timezone (like reports delivery) and others not, such as task dates. Hard to get aligned across the globe when everyone sees a different completion date.