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Timesheet approvals


Level 7


Please allow workers and reviewers to approve timesheets. This is only place where only planners can approve. It's confusing and limiting.



Level 3


Yes, and those who approve timesheets, like managers, don't do anything in Workfront other than looking at reports. There is no need to require them to have planning permissions just to approve timesheets.


Level 3


In our company the project managers "approve" timesheets. This means in Workfront> they show up as that person's manager - because we can't rename that fields to "Timesheet approver" and it also completely makes the "Org Chart" view under a user irrelevant, because it builds the org chart based on the "manager".

There should be an ability to control this (timesheet approver NOT being the manager)

There should also be an ability to hide the org chart visbility when it's completely wrong, but there isn't.



This request has been open since 2017. I can't understand why people with worker licenses cannot have timesheet approval rights.  I can't justify the cost of a planner license for people managers that don't set-up project plans just so they can approve a timesheet.  This causes non-people managers to approve timesheets for other folks' workers.  It's silly.