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Time-Off to auto-log hours to the Timesheet


Level 10


Currently if a user as "Time-Off" booked, they also have to add the hours to their timesheet.

It would be good to (at least optionally) be able to have that amount of time-off auto-logged onto their timesheet. I presume this would require you to pre-categorise the Time-Off Hour Type as Vacation/Sick etc.



Level 6


Yes 1000% percent needed.

User should book time through time off section - and then have options / check boxes for what the time is to be marked as - these should be controlled by the hour types available to that user in the system.

Their timesheet should be auto filled out with those hours automatically.


Level 3


Yes completely need this!

On the Time off section, the user should categorise from configured options what type of time off it is, be it sick or vacation. We would want the option for this to be a system switch on or off in timesheet set up rather than controlled at a user level.

ALSO, All timesheets should prepopulate based on Schedules as well: non-working days for part-time users, and bank holidays for everyone that are configured in, all should either pre-populate on timesheets as hours or are greyed out like weekends are.


Level 9


YES!!! We need this.

Specifically - that hours logged in the time off section of your user profile would transfer to the timehsheet or vice versa.

Currently, there is an option to allow vacation time hour types on timesheets, but this does not block your schedule or behave the way time off does. These two things desperately need to be linked!


Level 10


Agreed! Requiring staff log time-off both on a time-off calendar & also on their timecards is not a good use of resources & is not a lean process.


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Totally agree. It's a pain that you need to log the Time off and go as well to the timesheet to log it. Would be much easier if we could associate a task on which hours should be logged automatically.


Level 8


Our ideal scenario:

Time off can have unlimited types determined by the admin at the timesheet profile level (ex: Vacation, Sick, Summer Friday)

Time off types can be archived if they are no longer applicable WITHOUT losing the hours from the past (ex: no longer using Summer Fridays, new time off type called Summer Sunny Days is created)

Planned time off shows in resourcing, but the admin can turn on or off ability to see time off type (this protects privacy of employees taking personal days for bereavement or time off for medical reasons)

Planned time off auto populates on the users timesheet