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I want to add job skills to each user so I can more granularly assign resources (beyond just job role(s)).



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This could be really helpful. Role could be more generic (Developer) with many skills. Instead, we have tons of roles to try help with planning based on skill - which isn't really working because planning is really done with the primary role.



Hi Jennifer and Marc. As part of our JITR (Just In Time Resourcing) solution, we have extended the Roles object to include a "suffix" to further refine skills (e.g. Developer Level 1, Developer Level 2, etc.), which we then leverage in Assign Roles, Deassign Resources, and Assign Resources to automatically perform staffing assignments within Workfront, based on Project Priorities, Skills, and User Schedule availability (including Personal Time Off).

It is very advanced, but since it sounds like you're thinking along those lines, I'd invite you to walk through this diagram to see how it all works.



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Thank you for your votes and comments! Job skills are on our roadmap and planned for 2018. Be sure to attend our roadmap calls to get the most up-to-date information.


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Hi everyone,

As an update here, Job Skills initiative is currently in active research phase ‚and we are exploring various solution concepts. Please don't hesitate on adding your use cases here, as that will help us to devise the best solution.

Best regards,

Vazgen Babayan

Senior Product Manager, Workfront‚


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Vazhen, can we get a status update on this please? Here is my use case for this:

Our field service business has a desire to maintain a “skills database” for our individual resources who would be assigned to installation-related tasks on projects. Currently, Workfront allows differentiation of resources during scheduling based exclusively on Job Role (which we use to designate our installer “skill levels”, e.g. L-2, L-3, and L-4), but we would like to increase the granularity during scheduling of only those installers that possess a certain combination of skills.

For example, we may have a need to assign an installer to a task who is not only a “Level-4” (i.e. based on Job Role), but also possess certifications “A” and “G” for this ad hoc deployment. As a Resource Scheduler, I’d like to be able to specify my Job Role and skill/certification requirements directly on the task. Then, after specifying my requirements, have some form of a “best fit” matching like the legacy Team Builder used to have.

This functionality is not native to Workfront, but would be very useful for our business. The only way we have found around this is to code the skills (e.g. “A”, “B”, “C”) and add the codes as suffixes to the user name, after which we can apply a user name filter using the “contains” qualifier. This is clearly not a best practice, so we really need actual skillset matching functionality in Workfront.

Please advise on the ETA for this functionality.



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