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Resource Contouring - Shift Hours per Schedule/Set Hours in Schedule Tool


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Currently resource contouring allows you to add in the exact hours per-day for a tasks duration. This has the potential to be incredibly helpful for resource management, albeit cumbersome.

I noticed that once the schedule changes, which in our agency is all the time, the hours get redistributed across the duration of the task evenly (negating any hours contouring that had been done). It would be lovely if it shifted the hours to the relative business days the task newly falls on. I think a scenario where the duration changes, an even redistribution makes sense, though.

Also, you have to set the hours in the project plan before you can contour them in the Scheduler. It would be more efficient to be able to set the total task hours in the scheduler while contouring instead of trying to match whatever total you had to put in the project plan.

And finally, I think this is actually a bug or something maybe not considered - those daily contoured hours need to surface through the allocation grids. Currently they do not, so I'm not even sure what the point is of using this feature without that data populating.



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100% agreed on being able to edit Planned Hours whilst contouring - or indeed allowing you to go over but prompt you to commit this when you click off.


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Our 13+ offices and 200+ project owners are desperate for this update. We hear constantly from project owners that:

- A task's contouring should NEVER auto-change when a task's date range changes (ie, if a predecessor is delayed or updated causing dates to shift the task's contouring is still applicable)

- We should be able to save contouring as part of a template

- We should be able to edit contouring in the advanced assignments window, instead of jumping separately into staffing

- We should be able to edit the planned total hours on a task in the people scheduling view and the project staffing view (right now the scheduling view forces the users to keep the planned hours during contouring, frequently the project owner decides to change the total planned hours while contouring and so they currently must return to the tasks tab to edit and then go back to scheduling to contour - very awkward)


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Thank you for the support and incremental suggestions to my idea. I agree 100% with everything you've said.

If you have time to socialize this idea with your organization, it would be so helpful to get some additional votes. :)




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Have there been any updates made to this Idea that was submitted back in 2017? We're still facing this issue today.

Also, when we assign multiple users on a particular task that spans a several weeks and have different allocations for each user per week, the current scheduler doesn't indicate how many total hours have been allocated to a particular user, so when you remove hours on a particular day and try to add it back to other days, you have no idea what their totals are.



This is an issue for us as well. We may have a task that has a duration of 20 days where the assignee needs to work heavier hours week one but then has fewer hours the next week(s). Having the time evenly spread is messing with resource allocation on the Workload Balancer.




Hi Everyone,

So, not exactly related, but because you're all interested in resource contouring, I wanted to reach out and see if any of you would want to give feedback on a new feature in Scenario Planner: Job Roles Contouring. Sessions are a half hour, so very quick, and I know the designer/PM are trying to move quickly on this feature.

You can sign up here if you're interested: https://calendly.com/wf-product-research/scenario-planner-job-roles-contouring-research




Hi everyone,

As we have announced the deprecation of Resource Scheduling solution and Workload Balancer solution solves this problem, we are marking this as Delivered.