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Removed "completed" items on Kanban after X # of days


Level 3


Would be great if we could configure what stays on the "completed" section of the Kanban. Items stay there forever, and it makes the list very long.



Level 9


Agrees with above feedback - this should be a custom setting within the Team setup area. This lack of control and oversight is also limiting adaption by a couple of my departments here to boot.


Level 4


This is important for our teams. We work using more of Scrumban, and every two weeks must present what they have completed. They would like the ability to wipe out the Completed column when the new two week sprint starts. (Scrum is too rigid for us to use.)


Level 1


This is important for our teams as well, but for the opposite reasons. We sometimes need to do some retrospective reviews (lessons learned) on some issues/tasks after completion. This is done once a month, but completed tasks/issues are removed automatically from the Kanban after 2 weeks.


As this period differs per team, the possibility to configure this on the team configuration is by far the best option.