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Remove workfront advertisements


Level 9


Workfront advertisments for LEAP are listed on our main user login page. We'd like to be able to remove them.

We do understand and appreciate your position as a SaaS company. Please try to understand that we are using WorkFront as a portal to working with our customers. So, by having the LEAP Conference splash page, or any other advertisement on the login screen, you are promoting to our customers - not just to us. We're a small company, but that is 400 customers with over 2,000 contacts who think they are logging in to work on a Level Data project. We've been having to explain away the LEAP Conference.

My request is that you treat the splash page the same as how Salesforce treats theirs - it is up to the subscribing customer to set how they want to use it. Enabled to Salesforce default with whatever they want, Disabled completely, or set to what the subscribing customer wants.



Level 4


This was an issue for us as well. We had to explain to many users what LEAP was, and why it was showing up. We have branded both our instances of Workfront, and several users were very confused. We eventually got it removed, by issuing (2) tickets into the system, which resulted in a lot of non value work on both sides of the ticket.


Level 3


It should be clear that this is bigger than LEAP (now we are getting adds for the LEAP in London, which is no better). Workfront should not be using the welcome page as an add. It is inappropriate and cheapens the tool.


Level 4


I completely agree. The latest advertisement is for the mobile app, which we cannot use due to security concerns. All our users are now seeing this every-time they login.


Level 10


I agree with the comments above that the ads are not applicable to our entire user community and cause confusion. Currently, the orange ad is taking up a tremendous amount of space on the page and is obtrusive. Our user community does not like it and we would like the option to remove it. Additionally, as a result of the ad, we need to resize our image on our login screen. There are no dimensions provided as to the size of the reduced real estate. Our preference though is to remove the ad.


Level 2


Id like to have an option to turn off the Workfront banner on the Log-in screen. A check-box would be nice in the Setup>Systems>Branding area. The Workfront advertising is an unwelcome addition to our Login screen.

Yes, 100%. This is a paid solution with custom configured experiences. Instance client's should be able to configure and push their own content on the login/splash paid. I don't want to see an OUNCE of workfront advertising, unless we've elected to allow it.


Level 10


Copying my comment from a separate issue that was combined with this one:

This should include:

  1. The gigantic ad on the login screen.
  2. Any in-system popups: ads for Leap, requests for customer feedback, ads for new features or integrations, etc.

I think what peeves me about this is we pay alot of money for systems like Workfront, and while having their logo on it is normal, they really have no right to use my users as a captive audience for their marketing and technical teams.

Also, *I* am the Admin, not Workfront. WF should not be deciding how it is acceptable to advertise to or coerce *my* users; your advertising efforts begin and end with the designated purchasing contact.

And from a purely SysAdmin point of view, it becomes a huge time sink having to explain to users "no, we can't implement that because of corporate policies" or "no, that isn't Workfront's fault, management had us make that change" or lots of time explaining Leap, and so on.

Workfront is really treading on thin ice by insinuating itself on employees and contractors of another corporate entity without consent.

And yes, I'm venting, because I just can't believe some group at WF thinks this sort of thing is acceptable...