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"Send Dashboard" - Automated emails for Dashboards




We need the ability to send out automated emails with a Dashboard attached. Currently this is only available at the report level, but my team and I have often needed to send out an entire dashboard on a regular bases, and it doesn't make sense to send out each individual report from the dashboard (too many emails). There should be a way to send out automated emails with a Dashboard attached.



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Ability for Send Dashboard like we have for Send Report. This includes the ability to schedule Repeating Deliveries.


Most of our "reports" are actually dashboards. Our users want to limit the number of reports/documents they have to look at every week and want an information-rich report delivered vs. several reports that provide different dimensions. For this reason, we use dashboards more heavily than reports.

Hi Marc. I invite you to check our our Magic Reports solution, which would allow us to create a custom dashboard for you (with branding, multiple reports, graphical, text, and "widgets"), and schedule it to email to a certain group (e.g. Execs) on a particular cadence (e.g. Bi-Weekly) with the graphics embedded right in the email: "if you got it, you saw it."




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Thanks, Doug - I appreciate the thought. We're really looking for the system to do this. One of the key considerations for going with WF was that it was centralized. Otherwise, we would have pieced a solution together from several other components such as Basecamp with other add-ons and 3rd parties integrating to deliver on requirements. While that would have been less expensive, it comes with additional failure points, increased management, etc. A centralized solution is key for us with WF.


Glad to see something hitting critical mass on this exchange!

Can any of you help vote up the various requests for improvements to the Calendar Feature. This could be so beneficial and I think it is serious overlooked in terms of use/enhancements. Our PMs are really see some value here, but it does have it quirks and could stand some improving. Thanks!

Hello, everyone,

I'm glad to inform you that Dashboard Delivery is planned to be implemented in coming releases. It will also include Branding on the exported Dashboard file. Please feel free to comment here with your specific use cases that you would like us to consider, or schedule a call with me via Calendly.