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"Log In As User" Advanced Features


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As an Admin, the "Log In As User" function (in the Setup section) is probably my most used feature--yet it's so buried, it's not as useful as it could be.

A few ideas that I'd love Workfront to implement to make this well-loved feature even more useful:

  • Ability to "Pin" the "Log in as" to the top navigation bar (in the New Experience)
  • Ability to easily switch between users (so you don't have to log out of one user, go back into Setup and then log in as a new user)--I'd envision a button right next to the orange "Log Out" box that says "Switch User"
  • Log in as 2 users at once (to get side-by-side views of each user and troubleshoot potential problems)


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I also found that pinning setup to the navigation bar was helpful. Would like to see the option on the user profile menu with edit and deactivate functions. Would also be nice to have the option in the User management view.



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I would LOVE this features. Specially the one where you don't have to go back out to set up and back to log in as, if switching between several people. I also like the idea of logging in as 2 different user at once.


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These would be excellent features. I also agree with Mark that the Log In As feature should be available from the action menu on a user's profile.


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I've done the first bullet point and use it quite a lot. Would also use the other two options if/once available.

Another option would be a "view as" option when building/testing reports and dashboard. Maybe a drop down for user, role, team, group, layout (and/or typeahead field) without having to log in as that user. (Psst would also love to be able to preview reports and dashboards before saving them thereby reducing some repetitive steps - "am visual").


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To add to this - I want to be able to 'log in as' a whole team, not just one or a couple users. This will save me so much time when I'm trying to log in as ppl in a whole team to change their filters/views/pins/etc.