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"Calculated" Task Assignments


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Some of our project tasks are always assigned to the Project Owner, Project Sponsor, or Resource Manager. I'd love to have a solution that allows me to put a rule in my Project Templates for the Assignments field... something like "$$projectOwner" that would automatically assign that task to the project's owner each time I use that template.



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Hi All,

Thank you again for submitting and promoting this idea.

We fully understand the value this feature would bring and how much time it would save. Currently we have many valuable items in our backlog and will be reviewing and researching this one to consider in the context of our roadmap prioritization. At this time we anticipate that the target range for a resolution would be beyond 12 months, so I will be marking this as Not Planned for now. But we will look forward to following up with our findings and updates on progress as we assess the appropriate prioritization and timeline for this effort. We will ensure that as changes occur to either our approach or timeline on this issue that we will provide updates here accordingly.

Best Regards,

Anna Asatryan

Product Manager, Workfront


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Just to add an additional note to this. It would be ideal if those assignments then changed for any in-complete tasks if the project owner changed.


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I just found this and am disappointed to see its marked as "Not Planned". This would answer some big complaints I get from Project Owners.


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This would be so helpful. I have a 6-7 member team of project managers that each have created 5 distinct project templates for the sole purpose of having the Project Manager tasks explicitly assigned to themselves. When process changes occur, we then have to crack open 30-35 project templates and make updates. Would be fantastic to just have 5 templates to manage, with the Project Manager tasks getting auto-assigned to the Project Owner equivalent.