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Queue Set Up: Routing Rules: Default Assignee


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In the Queue Set Up: Routing Rules: Default Assignee area, allow to assign to multiple users upon entry. Only way to assign to 2 or more users for a queue topic routing is to create a new team. Sometimes it's not a full team but rather a couple of individuals.

An issue can be assigned to multiple users why can't the request route that way as well?



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Ideally, a routing rule should be able to configured using the Advanced Assignments pop up that is displayed when making assignments directly within a project. We have dozens of teams that only exist because of the limitations applied to routing rule assignments. People don't realize those teams serve a specific purpose, then changes get made to the team, and routing rules unknowingly get altered/broken as a result.



I also need more complex routing rule. For example if the request is about a certain topic and comes from a team, assign to this default assignee & team. We need to make sure a team's account executive gets the request depending on whom it came from AND include a team depending on the work type requested.