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Project Level Resource Manager Capacity Visibility


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We are switching over to the new Workload balancer and with our current structure we would like the ability to see all resources in a role prior to assigning the resource. Currently in the bulk assignment section, at the project level, you can assign a role but not see their allocation until they have been assigned. If that resource is over allocated you have to swap them for another resources. At this point a communication has already got out that they are assigned to the project. If we could see all of the resources available and their capacity before we assign them it would streamline this process.

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In addition, we would like the Workload Balancer to function at the Project module level the same as the Scheduler.

There is an expectation that the new Workload Balancer will provide the same, if not more enhanced, functionality as the Scheduler. Most of the users in our instance utilize the bulk assignment feature to assign Tasks within Projects vs. at the global Workload Balancer module level.

Here are some specific scenarios we expect to occur as a result of the differing functionality between the new Workload Balancer vs. the Scheduler at the Project module level:

  1. In a large instance, there can be many users with similar/same names. It will be very easy for someone to inadvertently assign Tasks to the wrong users because the list of users with the needed Job Role skill set for the Tasks will not be narrowed down to only those users with the needed Job Roles assigned.
  2. The Job Role in each Task will remain in place as a Task assignment when using the Workload Balancer, compared to the Scheduler where the user name replaces the Job Role during the assignment process.