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Make Report 'Description' visible when reports are displayed on a Dashboard


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The description of a Report is not visible when the report is displayed on a Dashboard.

Proposed change:
Display the description of reports on a dashboard or add the option to the dashboard editing UI, so that the dashboard editor can control, for each of the included reports separately, if the description should be displayed or not.
Ability to provide details of each report to the dashboard audience.


We need the ability to provide a blurb about specific reports in dashboards so our users know how to interpret the chart they are viewing.



Also, we need to have the Report and Dashboard descriptions visible when nested in a tab as currently, descriptions of dashboards don't display when the dashboard is nested in a tab. It would be great if it was configurable; to have the ability to chose if to include the dashboard's description or not, if nested in a tab or not.


Agreed. An option might be to add it with the Filter, View, Group drop-down options when you expand them in the header when its expanded on the report when it's on a dashboard.

I'd like to be able to see the description of a report when it's in a dashboard instead of having to drill into the report from the dashboard - this would really help my team be able to know what they are looking at so they can make informed decisions.

Sometimes I have to include special instructions or notes in the Report Description field.

Currently, they are not accessible when the reports are embedded in a Dashboard.

Please allow the option to toggle them on, maybe similar to "Show Prompts in Dashboards" or a simple show/hide toggle on the dashboard itself.


This would be extremely helpful. I find it cumbersome to make lengthy report titles that attempt to state:

  • what this report is and isn't
  • how you should look at it
  • what questions does it answer


This Idea was added back in 2019, was hopeing to see an update. I feel this is a legitimate ask as showing a brief description about the report helps when users see a set of reports together in their Dashboard.