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Pinning specific Objects to the pin bar on a layout template


Level 7


When creating Layout Templates in the New Workfront Experience, we're currently limited to only being able to pin Main Menu Items or Dashboards.

Ideally, we should be able to pin specific Objects on a layout template (Project/Portfolio/Report/Document/etc.).



Level 2


Right now, pinning to the top in a layout template only allows dashboards or set menu item to be placed. That's great but I wanted to pin a specific large report into the top menu but I can't do it unless I place it inside a dashboard, which due to its size is not a good user experience.

I can pin the report myself and that works great, so why can't this specific report be pinned to the top in a layout template, or any other URL for that matter?

It would just help simplify things instead of having to use dashboards when they aren't needed.


Level 7


In the New Workfront Experience, we have the ability to pin most unique URLs to the top of the workspace. However, this functionality does not currently work when pinning a specific request queue (nor topic groups/queue topics).

We would like our users to have the ability to pin specific request queues, topic groups and/or queue topics to the top of their workspace. We have several users that habitually submit the same 2-3 request types on a frequent basis (out of 40+ available queues), and as such having the ability to pin these would make them easier to access.


ABSOLUTELY. This would be amazing. (Especially for Workfront Support)

I've created a similar request, but for adding specific Objects to a Layout Template. This feels like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup combination. Being able to pin Queues to the top of a Layout Template are two great tastes that go great together.


Level 8


I just went in to a layout template to pin a specific report and I realized only dashboards can be pinned at the layout template level. Anything can be pinned by an individual user, so the same should be true for pinning through the layout template. It's not ideal to have to ask a large group of users to pin something themselves, it should be able to be preloaded for them by a system admin.


Level 6


This would be great. I'm about to create a dummy Dashboard that only has one Report in it just so I can pin it to my user's layout templates.