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Percentage Complete Tied to Logged Time


Level 5


Tie the percentage complete on tasks to the time logged on the task. For example, if the planned hours on a task is 5 hours, and the assignee logs 2.5 hours of time, the percentage complete should automatically adjust to 50% complete rather than the person having to manually adjust it. If there are 2 people on a task and one person marks their task as "Done with my part" and the other person hasn't logged any time, the task should automatically adjust to 50% since on of the two people have completed the task. This should at least be an option on the Setup page where you can turn this functionality on or off. It seems to already be in place for the project percent complete but it would be nice to have this functionality for the task level as well.



Level 1


think this is a product deficiency. I agree with vic it should be based on actual hours calculated from planned hours. If the task auto completes this would also allow the person completing the task to have a conversation with the Project Owner to explain the increased need for Planned hours. This promotes communication across teams, helps prevent scope creep. THIS IS A MUST most programs do this. even though it is a quick thing to add the % complete manually when you add this up across all the tasks in an organizations projects this is a lot of time and would be a huge time savings. I understand the risk but I think that should be the customers choice. there could be a setting that allows or prevents this. Huge issue for my team.



This came up as a question internally today. It's totally understandable that the planned hours do not necessarily line up with the actual hours, but it would be such a nice to have feature to pre-populate with a calculation and then get the user to confirm, or something along those lines...