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While testing the Document enhancements scheduled for inclusion with the 2017.3 Workfront release, we noticed that there is no longer the ability for our users to paste documents from the clipboard.

According to the Workfront Customer Care team (ticket #1111643), they spoke with the product manager over this area and after having looked at their metrics on how much this option was used they have decided to remove this feature from the new documents are.

Our user community uses this feature on a regular basis. I am hopeful that we can get the vote count up to add this feature back to the tool after the 2017.3 release.



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All 7 Project Managers in my team are complaining about this. I wish I could add 7 more votes to the count for this feature. Backward compatibility is assumed with a new release. We should have had a big heads up on this.


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We use Workfront as a Service desk solution for certain on going projects. Copy/paste from clipboard was great functionality many users used on daily basis. We need to get it back.

It is important to say that this functionality is not gone completely. When creating new Request it is still there. I do not see any reason why this functionality should not be available when adding document.


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My team as well as outside users that use our product also suffer from this change. We have to re-train our users who are less technically savvy.


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Presume this fits into this existing idea - I'd like users to be able to drag a screenshot or indeed a file (e.g. Excel spreadsheet) into any update stream e.g. project object, task object.

I saw a video in my Facebook feed this morning about another tool that lets you do exactly this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-2FaQTDYAw