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Optimizer and/or Business Case at Program Level?


Level 9


It would be great if the Program Level contained the Business Case functionality and/or the Optimizer functionality . Many of the Clients I work with will have a budget for their campaign or their program, and it would be valuable to roll up the project information to the program level and complete a business case for the overall campaign. Also, if the optimizer functionality was available at this level, then the user could enter their budget for the program and prioritize the projects underneath more effectively.



Level 1


This would be very beneficial...since it already exists at the project level and the portfolio level....why would it not be available at the level in the middle (for programs)? It almost seems counter-intuitive that it is not there. I have the need to create dashboards at the program level and to get at this data summarized at that level would greatly streamline and reduce the manual effort needed to draw this up.


Level 1


Surprised to find that a business case is not available at the program level. Given Workfront is marketed to Ad Agencies, who most often run projects grouped together via Campaigns, i am quite surprised to see this functionality is NOT already available under programs. Because this is not available, it causes implementers to set campaigns up as projects and use issues for each channel (which are then convert to projects). Ths seems like a convoluted work around. And given many users in agencies are NOT trained PM's, this seems like a confusing process for the end user.


Level 2


Prioritizing projects at the program level is a no brainer and is a must. Especially for people who have no clue as to what portofolio management is. Programs can be incredibly large in size and need optimization.