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New 'List' option for single line text fields in custom forms


Level 6


It would be immensely helpful if a new custom form type were available for storing lists/collections.

As an example, lets say on a request form soliciting a list of product numbers. Rather than having a paragraph text field and expecting an end user to put their list in that, it would be much cleaner and easier to report on and parse if they could enter in those product numbers as a list/collection.

It would be just like the single line text field (and the list could be currency, numeric, text/string), except there would an 'add' button after it, which would then allow the user to add another item to the list. There could be an option to limit the maximum amount in the list.



Level 3


This functionality would only be useful for me if it also includes the ability to create a separate project for each item listed in the request. I could utilize this for requests where someone needs multiple design deliverables within one campaign, but they are all tied to the same Division, Department, and purpose. Right now if someone needs a poster, a landing page, and a monitor slide for the same creative campaign, they have to submit three requests and fill in much of the same information for all three requests.