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More Robust Overdue "Automatic Notifications"


Level 7


We would greatly benefit from more robust functionality around Automatic Notifications, which can be configured to send emails to users when tasks are overdue or approaching their due date. Currently, though, there is no logic in place so it is sending reminders to people even if the predecessor tasks are not complete. We would benefit from being able to put logic in place around predecessors, and also around who receives these notifications. It would be helpful if they could be configured by person and/or team, much like the way the rest of the notifications function.



Level 9


+1 a lot of our users are using the Commit Date for this type of thing (Not correct, but it has worked for them and our project managers). They respond to a task/issue and then push the commit date out to the date they are committing to "do something" on the issue not necessarily complete the issue/task.

Doing this with a custom field on issues/tasks may be the correct way to do the work around our users are using, but the date button is right there in your face on every task and issue and it's the only way we've been able to keep it up to date.