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Live Chat WF Feature


Level 1


Description - similar to Teams in the sense of chat only feature, not meetings.

Why is this feature important to you - as teams work together on projects, it would be ideal to get instant responses to questions so that they do not lose focus. 

How would you like the feature to work - similar to Teams.

Current Behaviour - asking questions via updates.




Can you explain how this would be beneficial?  Would users complain that they were being interrupted by another type of instant message?


I'm trying to anticipate what the reaction would be in my company and I can imagine concerns about layering on additional complexity / process to address what seems to be someone ignoring updates.


Level 10


I think the internal messaging sorta does this already, doesn't it? All except you have to manually refresh to get the new message.


Level 7


I would like to hear further on the benefits of this. I'm not sure I would want another chat option in my day to day. I also wonder if the MS Teams plugin for Workfront is a good solve for this. You can reply directly in teams to comments without having to leave teams. 

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