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Delegation Feature Enhancements


Level 8


Delegation Enhancements:

1 - The delegated assignments are not reflected on the workload balancer. 
2 - Reports do not consider delegations - there is a delegationToID in the user object, but it would be a stretch to build reports this way.
3 - Delegations remain on the work list for the delegated to and delegated by for two weeks after being marked compete - what would be the reasoning for this?
4 - No indication of delegated tasks from the task view of a project.
5 - No notifications settings for new items assigned during the delegation timeframe.

6 – Delegations do not show on the new home screen for the delegates - they do show in the legacy worklist.


Current Behaviour -

Currently, we do not use this feature due to the aforementioned gaps/limitations. We instead manually swap out routing rules and use a report to re-assign in bulk. This is obviously a pretty manual approach and we would love to see some of the additional functionality added to the delegation feature.

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Level 10


I think it would be bettter for Adobe to swap the way delegations are done. Instead of "delegate to", they could actually assign the work to the delegee and have a flag/field for "delegated from". This should solve your aforementioned problems with it.

Since the tasks would actually be assigned to the delegee, the Balancer would recognise it correctly. Reports would recognise it as would project task views, which are just task reports. Notifications would work correctly as well. Completed tasks would disappear correctly.