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Last Entry Date on Specific Custom Fields


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Last Entry Date on Specific Custom Fields

  • What is it?

o Custom fields are used to enter a type of update specific the reporting team or group. This feature would create a timestamp record when a change is made to a specific custom field, similar to Last Note Entry Date. This data will be used to create aging reports, identifying which projects haven’t had custom status field updates over a period of time (I.e. No Updates in 7 Days, No Updates in 14 days, etc.)

  • Why do we need it?

o Program Management is currently tracking approximately 400 projects with nearly 450 contributors. Based on business units area contributors are required to enter updates into specific custom fields (I.e. Dept Summary, Product Summary, Status Headline, Problems/Notes, etc.). We need a way to quickly determine when a specific status field has been updated in order to take appropriate action. Currently, we only see timestamped changes in the running Updates Feed, which makes an entry when any project attribute has changed. To determine when the last status update was made we have to: 1) Click into the project, 2) Click the updates tab, 3) Scan down the update feed for the entry we are interested in and 4) Record or enter it somewhere.

  • Risk if we don’t have this

o Without this feature we are unable to generate the required aging reports, leading to tedious and time consuming manual processes, potential for reporting errors and uncertainty about data freshness/quality. We are currently unable to provide on demand compliance and usage metrics to senior management. Planning is challenging if we don’t have up to date information to support our decisions.



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Would also be great to the name of the user that made the last update as well as some way to easily access the collection of all updates to a particular field for a specified period


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I came across this conversation while working on a similar need. I was able to leverage the contes in the Targeted Auditing thread to build a solution that works for us. I've posted the specifics in the linked thread.