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Improve Percent Complete at the Program level


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Currently the Percent Complete roll up at the Program level only takes into account Projects that are in "Current" status. This does not make much sense as you are completely ignoring all projects that have been fully completed and marked as such. If all projects under a program have been marked as complete status, then the Percent Complete at the Program level should show 100%



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Was just about to add the same idea. It would also be nice to see the actual completion date once all projects are completed or dead.



I agree. I can't wrap my head around the fact that all projects are marked 100% complete but the program (in my case "campaign) percent complete shows 0% complete. It just doesn't make any sense.0EM4X000003XIIS.jpg



Bringing this up again for people to upvote (although that doesn't seem to do any good anymore).  The Percent Complete at the PROGRAM level needs to be fixed to accurately show the true percent complete across ALL the projects in a program rather than just the ones in progress.  


CORE ISSUE: If all projects are 100% complete and closed, the Program shows as 0% complete. 🤦🏼‍   Not helpful.




Thanks @SarahWilkersonCA,


Agreed and upvoted, and in the meantime, invite you and any others interested to consider our Marcom Gantt solution which lets you easily create, compare, sort, and adjust key Program level planning data including colorized Phase dates, Priority and (as per this Idea Request) includes an accurate automatic Program Level % Complete calculation as shown below.


We also added several new features we'll be releasing soon, so if you'd like more information you're welcome to email me at doug.denhoed@atappstore.com