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Guest WF Proof User Converted to "real" WF User


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It's been annoying to find out that if a project manager is in a rush and adds a particular email address to a WF Proof routing (before I can get an account set up), then we subsequently get the user a "real" WF account, that WF is not smart enough to realize the guest account matches and allow the user to manage their "guest" proof accordingly within WF (i.e., with dashboards we designed).

Since WF itself keys off a specific email address, I don't really see why this is such a tough thing to do and it would keep us having what amounts to duplicate accounts in Proof as well as these orphaned proofs from the viewpoint of the approver (not to mention the legal tracking of approvals by that user).



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Yes, I've encountered this. It's a pain, but somewhat manageable. In ProofHQ, you can view all proofs shared with the orphaned account, then bulk reassign the proofs to a different user in ProofHQ (the new account), then delete the old proof account.


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Agreed it's an annoyance. When you switch to eAuth, Workfront will no longer allow you to have multiple users with the same email address so that should help.