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Group Admin: Have the ability to edit User's email address / Federation ID


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As it stands right now a Group Admin (even with User editing turned on in access level) cannot edit a User's email address or federation ID. They can change everything else with that user but not those two things.

So if there is a change in email or federation ID the group admin has to contact a System Admin to make this change which can cause serious delays.



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Although the group admin does have the ability to edit the email address now, is there any more push to allow them to update the Federation ID on a user's profile?

This is very important for many companies who require users to login through SSO. Group admins can ADD the Federation ID to a new user, but they can't EDIT or ADD the federation ID to an existing user.


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This issue Dan notes below is an issue for us as well. As I'm moving users from the ProofHQ account assignment to a higher level, non-External account, I'm not able to update their Federation IDs and its causing delays in our ability to efficiently transtion users to their new roles.