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Give Charts the ability to read text mode


Level 7


I changed a column from Manager ID to Manager Name. I set up a Prompt for Manager Name. I have a Grouping for Manager Name. On the Chart page, I selected Manager Name for my Y Axis. But when I run the report, the Y Axis shows "No Value" as the only option. What I was told is that Charts do not have the ability of registering text mode, and the workaround would be to use a custom field.

If I can create a field, I should be able to utilize it. So Charts need to be able to read what I've created on the report.



Level 9


It would be great if the "Summary" tab could respect the text mode grouping as well. I recently created a report and realized that the text mode grouping shows up fine in the "Details" tab. In the "Summary" tab the information is not carried over for the custom text mode grouping.


Level 8


I also had a similar issue. I changed the role ID to role name, and it shows up in the report, but doesn't carry over to the chart. In the chart, I see a long string of letters and numbers instead of the role ID name. Screenshot attached.


Level 2


Hi, please add this functionality - I need to be able to generate reports for projects that are grouped by Owner: Team Name. The only way to do this grouping at the moment is to use Text Mode, and I can't use the bar chart reporting as a result of using Text Mode. Thanks


Level 1


I would like to report against a custom field that I have created. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to create a report using text mode and because of this, the chart is not able to report against the results.

Please can you find a way for me to report against the criteria I have set in the custom form. it has worked on other custom form data elements, just not this one! Why?

Thank you



Level 5


I constantly have to modify "Home Team ID" to "Home Team Name" in text mode to get report outs on which team is submitting or executing the work... the charts are useless without this function so I have to export to Excel & re-create...


Level 1


I can create a report that shows combined task/issues by team member, but I can't pull a chart on it because the team member grouping has to be done in text mode. Please enable charts using text mode groupings!