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Freeze Navigation Pane


Level 9


We would like to freeze the black navigation bar across the top of the screen. Right now, as you scroll down through a list, the navigation bar disappears and you have to scroll back up.

If not fixed, allow a user level option to set or unset this feature.



Level 2


I was about to post this same thing. We have certain reports and projects that are extremely long; sometimes I want to save my place and open a different report/project for comparison, and it is annoying to scroll all the way back up.


Level 7


In the "old" ideas queue, I submitted a document on ideas for changes to the static header. I spend TONS of time scrolling! I was going to attach that ideas doc here, but it won't let me. If this is worked on you can reach out to me. I'll do at least one screen shot so you get the idea.


Level 1


Is there a way to get back to the top of a Project when you have scrolled down to the bottom, rather than having to scroll back up?

Is there a way to get back to the My Work tab when you are at the bottom of the task list on a project and you don't want to scroll back up? Like if the menu bar could remain and not scroll similar to the Project Columns? Thanks.


Level 3


I was going to post this same thing! It is extremely frustrating to need to scroll all the way back up to the top to access the Global Navigation Bar. This should definitively be sticky and be frozen and always visible. It should be made an option to freeze, just in case there are people who would rather not see it, but I feel that population would be fairly small.



Level 10


Freeze the Global Request Bar at the top - did not want to open a duplicate request - this is very close to what my team is asking for today. I see nothing in the help where I, as the system administrator, can freeze the global request bar. Thanks.


Level 2


Our users have been requesting this as well. Would love to have it as an option per layout template, or user by user setting. Thanks!


Level 4


This would be a great idea, especially with the new full screen list scrolling functionality that was introduced in 19.1.