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Formatting text in comment box when indicating copy changes over text that cannot be formatted (e.g., images)


Level 4


We do a lot of emails where a PDF of the PSD file is uploaded into Workfront Proof or ProofHQ. In these situations, the Text tool is not available because the text is in an image. It would be really helpful if users could format text in the comment box when they are making edits to text in an image. Currently, our users have to spell out the formatting in the comment box (e.g., [start bold] Welcome! [end bold])



Level 2


Totally agree- having the ability to add formatting in the comment box is really critical to our marketing team's ability to easily indicate new copy being added in that should be bold, underlined, italicized, subscript and superscript. We really like how Adobe PDFs you can copy or alter formatting into the comment box.


Level 2


This is a nearly identical idea that this should probably be merged with: https://experience.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000XhPEAA0/detail

I've found a bunch of similar formatting requests that I've tried to upvote all of them in the hopes that something happens!