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Expanded capabilties for sending report summaries, charts and Dashboards


Level 2


Currently, when sending out reports with repeating deliveries, only the detailed report can be sent. The ability to send out reports with either the summary tab or chart tab selected would be of benefit. Additionally, It would be useful to be able to send out Dashboards with repeating deliveries as well



Level 10


I especially like the dashboard idea, but it is important that they do a better job with managing page breaks. Right now, you can Print a Dashboard, however, the page breaks don't keep grouping levels together and headings do not get repeated at the top of each page if the report breaks across the page.


Level 4


Ability to send Dashboards would be ideal. Consolidating into a single scheduled delivery would help with sending to senior management.


Level 1


Dashboard need to be sent and exported identically to reports. Often times executive leadership needs a quick snapshot of something like a portfolio health dashboard. We can't expect them to log in to Workfront to view these.


Level 4


This is SUPER important to me. Not being able to send the charts means I'm manually sending charts to about 200 people weekly instead of having Workfront do it automatically.