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Expand the Program Name Listi to more than 20 options


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why it is important: We offer more 38 program name options which our reporting depends on but the hard coding onlhy allows for 20 options listed (the rest are cut off which means unless you know the specific name of the program name you cannot see, you can not select it).

Like the feature to have at least 50 options to allow for growth




The new type of way to select portfolios and programs is with type ahead. We have a LOT of selections and it cuts off. Only the first 20 show in alphebetical order. We really need the full list to show because our 37 planners can not memorize all portfolios/programs in the system.


While editing the Portfolio/Program fields on the Project Details section, the dropdown field doesn't display all options past a limited amount (I believe it's 20 objects total). Although the area has been designed with the typeahead functionality, within the dropdown there is a scroll bar allowing for you to scroll to see the 20 items.

Due to the nature of our business model, the amount of portfolios/programs is ever changing and typically has more that the display limit of 20. Most often, our Planners are unfamiliar with the newly created portfolios/programs so they are more dependent on reviewing a list of the names rather than using the typeahead function to identify the correct name.

I'd like to propose a change to that dropdown with 2 options

  1. Allow for a larger/unlimited display since the scroller feature is already implemented. This would allow for the ability to view all items within the dropdown list
  2. Add a "View __ more" feature when there are more items past the display limit (patterned after the Favorites section). so that the items can still be read but allows for your display limits

Currently in the New Experience, when editing a project if you are trying to change/select a Program or Portfolio the list is truncated. It only shows a limited number of Program or Portfolio Titles. In Classic, if you are converting or editing a project a full list is presented in the drop down menu. We would love to see this reviewed. As it is now in the New Experience, this interrupts workflow especially if you have a long list of Programs associated with a Portfolio, OR Portfolios themselves, it's forcing the admins or folks who are converting projects to remember every Program associated with each Portfolio or Portfolio name. In order to edit a project now, you need to jump out of project conversion to review the Program names under the specific Portfolio. or list of Portfolios. Appreciate your consideration.


Thanks for posting this one Casey. We have a need for this too. We'd also love to see all active portfolios listed rather than the default setting. And it' would be awesome if you could just click on one to select it from the list.


This is needed for sure! If Programs don't show, users will assume that what they see are their only options. I was told by WF this is to help page load time, but I don't see how allowing all programs to show would really inhibit this. And the impacts of NOT showing all program options are worse than potentially having a slightly longer load time. Please allow ALL programs under a portfolio to show!

I COMPLETELY agree on this one. What a HUGE mistake from the WF team when scoping out this functionality.

My company is in Healthcare, the largest in our state with 75,000 employees. How do you think our Clinical portfolio can only contain 20 programs, which is the display default. Then with different terms how can my project owners properly select the most accurate portfolio without seeing all?

The functionality is there... so why can this not be built better? it wouldn't create a poor experience. I would love to understand WF's reasoning to this.

In my issue I now have hundreds of projects being selected under the wrong portfolios and programs. We rely on projects in the correct portfolio and programs for reporting reasons. This MUST be reevaluated by WF and resolved or else why is my company paying $$ for numbers to be wrong in my reports.

I hope this can be fixed soon. Too much cleanup and oversight on my 40+ planners in WF.

I would like to see an increase in the the display limit (currently 20) in the dropdown fields for Portfolios and Programs in Project Details.


While editing the Portfolio/Program fields on the Project Details section, the dropdown field only displays the first 20 in the list. Typeahead functionality is there, but not everyone knows the correct names to utilize typeahead and the dropdown selections work better. 


Either show all selections in the dropdown with scrolling or maybe add a View More feature when there are more items past the display limit and selecting View More would show the next 20 and so on. 


I'm sure there must be more people out there with more than 20 selections in Portfolios and Programs that would like to see this fixed. 

(like this idea to maybe, hopefully get it looked at and fixed)