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Document Details Landing Page Needs Layout Template Controls


Level 4


Many of my users, especially new users, are confused about the difference between Proof Approvals and Document Approvals. People get these mixed up constantly. I want to be able to hide the "Approvals" tab in the left sidebar in the Document Details Landing page. This landing page is currently not covered by Layout Template controls.




Level 4


We have the same issue. I have told users to ignore the Approvals tab and to only use the Proof tabs to enter approvals. Despite that, this month alone we have had 35 approvals entered on the Approvals tab. We need a way to prevent that tab from displaying so our users aren't able to enter those Approvals.




We would also like the ability to customize the Document page via Layout Templates. We'd also like to be able to change the display name of custom forms similar to how you can create a custom label on a column in a report.


Level 2


When I helped launch the GAF instance of Workfront, there were persistent issues with people not understanding the differences between document-level approvals vs. Workfront Proof approvals. This would help especially with new Groups onboarding into the solution.

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