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Discard Custom Messages over Versions of Proofs


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You know how you can include a message on Proofs? But then it sticks with the proof throughout it's lifespan unless you select 'discard custom message'? I would like to suggest that those custom messages only send the first time. It causes confusion when a proof owner adds a message on the first version that is only applicable to that version, and then it carries through on version #2 because they forgot to take it off.



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This should be a toggle/optional change in behavior as in our case we rely on that message area to self-populate so when adding a new reviewer after the routing starts that new person does get the exact same message. So it does have some positive sides.

I still upvoted the idea, since it's always good to have options and alternate configurations.

But I added the above caveat because WF sometimes makes changes without realizing the previous behavior might have been a benefit to some users.


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Definately agree with Kevin's comment on the toggle option to keep or discard the custom message. For us, we would generally want to discard, but I completely get his use case.


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In our business there is no value or sensible reason for repeating a ‚Äòcustom’ message in a new version, where that new version may have different recipients and/or requirements.

Even more importantly, there is absolutely no value in the person who created the custom message having it repeated back to themselves