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Disable users from being added to proof workfow after viewing a proof


Level 4


We have several instances where one of our Planners who did not create a proof and is not a reviewer will view a proof. A "Workfront" stage is automatically created with that user added to it. The user has to remove that stage or else they will begin to receive emails and notifications related to that proof which results in unnecessary and irrelevant emails and notifications. They cannot turn those notifications off because they need to receive them for proofs they are actually on.

We need a way to disable the automatic creation of the "Workfront" proof when a user not on the proof views it.



Level 3


My team also struggles with this. It's a manual task added to our Project Managers to have to remove any additional WF stages that were created by a user simply looking at a proof that doesn't need to be included on the workflow. We have design managers that occasionally check in on their designer's work and it's a stop gap in our process to manually remove them.


Level 2


This is happening with my team as well.  Sometimes the person added has their role set as Reviewer/Approver and, if that is the case, it will hold up the proof approval process.  We sometimes have hundreds of proofs being worked at a time and this cleanup is a manual process.  We aren't necessarily aware of the occurrence but find it upon having to investigate why a proof isn't showing as approved. 


Is there a published fix for this?  Last comments were in 2021 so I might have missed something. 



We still need a fix for this issue.  A person cannot be automatically added to a proof's workflow as a reviewer just if they happened to look at the proof.  This is still a very big nuisance.