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[CLOSED] - Need to be able to have the same label for different custom fields


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This post has been closed as a duplicate. All votes have been moved to the original: Have separate Field API Names vs Label

We present client-specific forms in Workfront. There will be times when two clients will each need a field called X but with different, client-specific properties. For example, each of our clients manages multiple brands. We want to create a drop-down field of Client A’s brands, and a drop-down field of Client B’s brands. Both clients need to see their field called “Brand” on their forms, but today, two different drop-downs cannot both have a Label of “Brand”. We are forced to invent a label the client doesn’t recognize. This is a problem which will compound as we bring more and more clients on board.

The request is to allow multiple fields to be labeled the same but have a different unique ID to differentiate them so they can have different attributes and be used for different purposes/clients.



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I agree. We have multiple tenants in our instance, and we're having to come up with clever names for our generic fields like "Type" just to separate our fields.

There's no reason the Field name and the name that appears on the form should be the same.

De-coupling the Field name from the Label name (which is available in other parts of Workfront, such as Reports) would help us immensely.

There's another Idea that I think should be upvoted. https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115006012627-Have-separate-Field-API-Names-vs...


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Yes, this! Have the label be the id by default, but give an option to create a custom ID (that isn't visible to the end user). This would also make sorting and finding fields easier too because you want to put a nice user-friendly descriptive label on a field but when managing fields in setup a custom ID convention would be easier to work with.


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This still isn't possible right? I need to create a bunch of 'comment' fields, would like to have the label always say 'comment' but have the name be distinct so they're different fields in the system. Is this still not something I can do?