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Choice to show specific Personal Tasks in Workload Balancer


Level 10


Description -

Add "Planned Hours" and "Show in Balancer" choices to the create personal task dialog

Why is this feature important to you -

There are a LOT of things that block your time out that are not necessarily included in a Project, like meetings, any non-billable time, pitches, presentations, learning sessions, etc. Many people have been struggling with a good way to block time so you don't get booked for work, that are not based on an actual project. Some people have "fake" projects that you can create tasks in, Some folks use the schedules, some use the FTE and the Work Time features, but none of these really solves the problem.

How would you like the feature to work - Add a choice to show personal tasks in Balancer on a per task basis

Current Behaviour - There is none. Users must rely on "workarounds", none of which are ideal.

What I'd like to see

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 10.48.12 am.jpg


What we have now

Create Personal Task.jpg



Level 1


Love the new Home page setup and the widgets.  Feels like a definite upgrade.  


The personal to-dos list could be super helpful in getting more people to go to WF first.  HOWEVER, I cannot push people to use this feature (or the new home page) at this time because personal to-dos show up in people's timesheets like a "real" task.  


We need time tracked in a specific way against tasks that PMs set up against specific Programs & Portfolios.  Having "tasks" that are not associated with projects show up in timesheets is confusing for end users and risks them messing up their timesheets (which is already a struggle).


Please add the option to exclude To-Dos from Timesheets since these are not tasks that live in actual projects.  


1000% support this. I can understand some use cases for being able to track time to them, but I'd love the option to turn it off or on. 

This is similar to this idea:

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@jon_chen , would this be worth combining? The difference is one is opt in and one is opt out. it all depends on what the default is.


Level 10


After looking at this again, you could delete the "Balancer?" checkbox and just say "If it has hours on it, it shows in the Balancer", if no hours, it doesn't.