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Carry Login from WF Instance to Help, Community, and Idea Exchange


Level 9


It would be really nice to not have to keep logging in - after we have logged into WF, can it transfer the Login Ticket information to the Help Site, to the Community Site, and to the Idea Exchange site.

This will promote users using all the tools more frequently and enable the ability to toggle between environments for the user. It's an improved navigation option.



Level 3


Agree - we've just got SSO working and have the retrograde step of having to raise a ticket with WF now for every new user to have access to Ascent - should just be part of the tool and accessible from the Help button directly in there.


Level 1


This has been a pain point since WF launched the new portals. We have SSO integration for WF - why can't that pass through or at the very least be the same for Support, Community and Ascent training? We have thousands of users and this is a significant barrier to entry, adoption and enterprise scale. The fact that it isn't integrated is disappointing (saying it nicely) and the fact that given this there isn't a "forgot my password/password reset" is even more ridiculous. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!


Level 1


I've been hard at work on a new Enhanced Authentication experience.

A big part of this is providing a unified log-in to all sites in the Workfront Platform, including training, community and support.

I'm so excited to show this off in the near future

Melinda Layten

Workfront Product Manager, Authentication, API and Fusion


Level 2


Is there an update on this? I am shocked that we are going to have to submit a ticket for every user for a global rollout to access Ascent because we have SSO. Something that was intended to make life easier has made life very manual and daunting. Ascent was going to be a critical part of our rollout, training and adoption plan. This makes me just want to create my own training videos and start from scratch.


Level 4


The last status update on this was a year ago -- is this still planned, and when is it anticipated? We are on SSO for WF, users don't have separate passwords, and it's a complete disconnect for them to have to log into Workfront One for gated content.




Hi Carolyn, yes, this is still planned and coming very soon. I'll update again shortly when I have a more defined timeline.