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Buggy Data Editing From Reports: Attaching Random Form


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ISSUE: When you edit data from a report, it is possible to show a column for a custom data field that is not present on all of the report results.

If this data field is updated on an item that does not have a form on it, workfront will choose a seemingly random form with that data field, and attach it without confirmation or even a warning afterwards.

CASE STUDY: At our company someone filled out a field called "installation location" from a report. It attached a random form with that field onto 40 items (not the right form for the topic). The random form also had a field called "include in manufacturing dashboard" defaulted to "yes", so it also caused 40 items to end up on a dashboard incorrectly.

FIX: Workfront should require authorization for ALL form attachments and NOT attach forms in the background without notifying the user.

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Level 4


We've seen this behavior at our company as well. There ability to attach certain forms is dependent on the user's access (forms can be limited by group and etc) and we've actually exploited it as a feature to automatically add custom forms when user's create issues or tasks without attaching the necessary forms. It would be very nice if this new functionality would bring up a prompt saying something like "The chosen field is not available on any of the custom forms currently on the object. Please select a custom form to add or press Cancel to not add this data point." And then have a select box with all the custom forms that have all the particular fields.