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Be able to colour code the comments per functional area/Group


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It will be great to link colour of the comment back ground to a specific group.

This will enable you to quickly see comments made by eg. legal group member is red, compliance group be green

See my example



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Color coding the comment stickies may be hard since there could be replies from multiple people on the same sticky.

I agree with the need for a quick visual cue though, and for this reason I created custom color-coded icons for each department that I assign whenever I create new profile. I hope this idea might help as an interim solution for anyone else that wants to clearly see which department added each comment and reply.

These can be set on each user's individual profile, though unfortunately you cannot apply icons to multiple profiles at once.


Level 10


Found out that if someone just has a reviewer license and no proof license, they cannot save a default color for their markups like others can. That makes the need for something like department or functional group coloring more important.