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Automatically update Commit Date when the Due Date Changes


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The majority of our team sorts their My Work area by Commit Date but when a task due date changes, the commit date stays the same. It would be great if the commit date would change to re-prioritize on the user's Working On tab.



Level 1


This is a must have for our company... we are always rearranging dates and it requires everyone on the project to adjust their dates. This takes extra time that we could use doing actual work. I was actually blown away when the customer service rep told me that this didn't already work in this manner.


Thank you


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Yes % without a doubt this should be automated! Its time consuming and the commit date makes it more confusing, It doesn't seem to make sense why this would not be automated? This NEEDS to be changed!

Thanks , Steve


Level 4


Totally agree with this!!

Idea: Have the ability to NOT use commit dates in set up. Commit dates cause problems for our team, especially in the new HOME area where we aren't able to see planned vs commit dates and adjust accordingly as workers. It wreaks havoc on our calendars as dates don't match when Project Managers change dates and Workers don't match them.


Level 9


This has been an issue for years. we have seen this same subject come up in workfront Leap sessions over and over with no solutions. now with the new home view we do not even have an opportunity to use our work around (which we have had to use for the past 4+ years.

before we were able to have a custom layout template that had both planned and commit dates showing. we had a PM go in regularly and "match dates". this was already time consuming, but with the new roll out of home page view it would take us DAYS to check everyone's my work and see if there were unmatched dates. calendars are effected by this and people will miss deadlines. we need a solution.

We are all very concerned about the roll out in January.


Level 10


Hi Shawna,

I totally agree....this topic has already been voted on in another thread beyond the 45 votes required and WF said they had no plans to change it. I've been active in the community for the last 3 years or so, and this issue has a lot of support for change....keep pushing and hopefully they will listen and provide customers with the ability to completely deactivate the Commit Date functionality if they wish to.

On the topic of your concerns with the new Home screen, are you saying that you have PMs with admin level access who login as other users in order to check which task commit dates don't match planned dates? As a much easier alternative you can write a task report and add the following text mode to the filter:


At least this will let you work out which users have tasks which don't match and you can then ask them to correct their Commit Dates.

Still a massive waste of everyone's time, and hopefully Workfront give us a proper solution.

Regards, David