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Auto provision - Use SSO mapped fields for initial set up only


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When a new user attempts to login through Single Sign On I want Workfront to setup a general account based off a template (eg with a company, home group, layout template, access level etc). We should be able to change these for the specific user without them being overwritten when the user next logs in. I would like to source the SSO information for name, surname and email initially but then leave it to the user to identify if they wish to change this (eg preferred first name etc). Ie we use the mapped data to set up the account but not to continually update it.

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YES! this is super annoying. I have a user who in our identity provider is Susan, but everyone calls her Sue (and when looking/typing her name into the system they try to do Sue which doesn't bring her name up). It's very irritating that every time she logs in, it changes her name back to Susan.

It's also annoying that you can't set a default group (without it sending everyone to that group every time they log in). I found out later that the default group will be the first alphabetically, but that is very brittle and a terrible (and undocumented) way to do it.