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Auto Collapse grouping when report is run


Level 9


Ability to have an option for reports that have groupings to auto collapse when the report is run instead of expanded out. This is especially useful when reports are on dashboards.



Level 10


Seems like this would be a logical, helpful option. I would also like to see this on timesheets as well. That way the user can expand and update only the projects they need to. Right now, you can collapse Projects on timesheets, but it's not sticky.


Level 10


this would make lives so much easier... reports are usually very long and this would be very helpful to our teams. How about keeping the last view of the groups that user had - ie if they had one group expanded and the rest collapsed, it would be nice to keep it that way each time they return to the report until they change it. This would also be nice in the task lists with parent tasks... I guess I better search for that idea in here as well... thanks for this idea about collapsing groups and thanks to everyone supporting it!


Level 3


This is an AMAZING idea. Dashboards get so noisy, we always instruct our users to collapse right away, but it is extra noise. If i could vote for this 20 times over I would!


Level 4


Hello, everyone,

I am delighted to inform that we are planning to implement auto-collapsed groupings in coming releases. We are working on updating the look and feel of our lists, improving the performance and making several usability improvements there, and this is one of those improvements.

Very soon we will need volunteers for beta testing the lists, so please feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like to be part of it.