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Additional levels of 'required fields' within custom forms


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currently our custom forms have required fields at briefing in stage, however once a project progresses other teams - design, production etc. have areas to complete - it would be good to enable a 'required filed' function that was connected to the task relating to it. EG. production task - update costs and specs - ink these to areas in custom form as required fields and task cannot be completed until areas are file rout in custom form

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Level 9


We could definitely use this. When we log an Issue on a project, it goes through various stages--root cause analysis, corrective action plan development, etc.--and each stage requires that a new custom data field be filled in. We'd like to prevent users from changing the Issue status until the required field for that status is filled in.

Then, in order to change the status to Closed, ALL the required fields should be filled in.